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The Communion of Saints
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Church of Torres Strait to join the Ordinariate.

I am very grateful to Conchur for his link to the announcement that the ACCA Diocese of Torres Straitis to become a Territory within the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.
This is a quite wonderful announcement as it brings to a conclusion a long process whereby the unique position of this former Diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia and then the Anglican Catholic Church of Australia.
Somewhere over a thousand people will be part of this process and, with their Bishop and priests, have something of a journey still to travel. I offer them my prayers and gratitude for the steps that they are taking to represent a unique form of visible unity in the Church, that of the Ordinariates.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS To all concerned, this is wonderful news. My thoughts and prayers for you at this time. God Bless, Fr. Bill H.