The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sorry Deborah

May I say sorry to anybody I offended with my last blog - it wasn't intended as a dig at the Traditional Anglican Communion in general or the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada in particular. Across the blogwaves may I pour oil on troubled waters.
I look forward to the setting up of the Ordinariates in the USA and Canada later this year and I appreciate how much is being given up by those on their way.
My point still stands - let's stop the sniping and love the Liturgy.


  1. Keep up the good work. I wouldn't worry too much about Deborah. This is the woman who famously and arrogantly proclaimed that she was more Catholic than the Catholics! Unreal.
    I love the Ordinariates but they do have their fair share of know-it-all nutters and more Catholic than the Pope "Catholics".

  2. I beg your pardon, fellow anonymous commentator, but what a thing to say! Ad hominem arguments prove nothing. Whatever you may think about Anglo-Catholic views of their catholicity, you cannot deny the problems Deborah mentions, nor yet the frustration she and many others feel about the process of setting up the ordinariates outside of England. Her point that those in the TAC hoping to enter an ordinariate are not the ones who heap coals upon the "N.O." is undeniable.

  3. Fellow anonymous commentator, here is what she said: "Being a Roman Catholic was not a requirement. In my interview with several of the editors, I told them I loved the Catholic Church and I loved the Holy Father. "I'm more Catholic than 85% of the people in the pews of the Catholic Church," I told them. (Yet I didn't know even what a monsignor was. I had a steep learning curve ahead of me.)"

    Talk about arrogance. You should read some of the comments made by TAC priests. They talk like they're some sort of special people, singled out for greatness. A certain Fr Luke Reese even said they don't want to have anything to do with the RC parish round the corner, or with the local diocese. What's the point? They think they can live in some sort of elite enclave, where everything is superior to the 'local' boys? Crikey, give me a break.

  4. Well, she is certainly "more Catholic" (where it counts) than "Catholics-in-the-pew" who support the pretended "ordination" of women, vote for "pro-choice" politicians and engage in contraceptive practice.

    William Tighe

  5. You see, this is where my problems start - generalised statements about 'cradle' Catholics, as if they are some kind of idiots in need of the help of their betters. As it happens, the vast majority of the 'Catholics-in-the pew' (what a weird expression)that I know are pro-life, not at all interested in the Ordination of women, give a hard time to pro-abortion politicians and as for their bedroom practise, I don't know. Maybe this is why in the North of England we have always had a good number of pro-Life Labour MPs, as well as from the other parties. We make them listen to us.
    As for Catholic where it counts, I think my mother, who became a Catholic nearly 50 years ago in the teeth of opposition from her rabidly anti-Catholic father and brothers, losing everything in the process, could teach even Deborah a thing or two about the sacrifice one takes for the truth.

  6. I've been a Catholic all my life. I've lived in 6 countries and I have never met any 'Catholics in the pew' in any of those countries who has even once said they favoured women's ordination or agree with pro-choice politicians. As CatholicLeft said, I've never asked what they get up to in their bedrooms. That I will have to leave it to their conscience.
    The only person who has ever said such things openly to my face was an Anglican. Oh well, such is life.