The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

I see that the Catholic Herald is reporting that the Traditional Anglican Communion has rejected Rome's offer to join the Ordinariates for former Anglican ( ). The problem is that this is only true as far as it goes. As it happens, the majority of the TAC in Canada, a large section of the TAC in the USA, a large group in Australia and parts of the TAC here in the UK have already begun preparing to join the Ordinariates in their areas (the Ordinariate of the Southern Cross for Australia is in the pipeline).
The meeting reported as taking place in South Africa met without a number of bishops (particularly those known to be standing by their original decision to join with Rome) and some members of the TAC question its validity. Archbishop Prakash of the Indian section of the TAC has been unanimously elected acting Primate after the unanimous vote (of those attending and with the right to vote - interesting to see how that was decided) to remove Archbishop Hepworth of Australia as Primate. Archbishop Hepworth, who wasn't in South Africa, was resigning soon anyway.
The rest of the TAC not at the South African meeting, but not yet on the way to Rome (or maybe not joining but unhappy with the behaviour of those who met in South Africa) are planning to meet soon according to a statement by Archbishop Hepworth.
What has most depressed me about this whole situation has been the utter predictability of the whole business and the often unkind ways in which fellow Christians have treated each other. I know I will be attacked for this but let me make my opinion clear: personal animus has been allowed to replace civility and the rush to expel reminds me of my early days in politics when some would lay claim to being 'true' socialists and the rest were traitors. Oh, don't get me wrong, there will be lots of remarks about 'more in sorrow than anger' and some will mean it.
So, best of luck to the Traditional Anglican Communion (Prakash), Traditional Anglican Communion (Hepworth) and the warmest of welcomes to those who are joining in union with Rome through the Ordinariates.

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