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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Parishes that had shown an interest in joining the COSP, yet haven't. Where are they now?

Several parishes/groups of different jurisdictions expressed an interest in, or support for, the Personal Ordinariate proposed for the USA and Canada. I thought it might be interesting to look at the Google Map of February 2011 and see what has happened to those groups not presently formally aligned (or soon to be)with the now existing Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter (COSP) and why that might be. I have not included any of the parishes of the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church, none of which have entered the COSP.
As ever, information and corrections are welcome.


All Saints Sisters of the Poor, Catonsville, Maryland.

The All Saints Sisters of the Poor were received into the Roman Catholic Church on 3rd September, 2009. By decree of the Vatican, they became an official Institute of Consecrated Life, a Priory ‘sui iuris’ of diocesan right. On All Saints Day (1st November), 2011, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, they made public vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience and celebrated this decree of erection. 10 sisters were originally received and 8 made public vows two years later. Age and the passing of time may have something to do with this.
Whilst an Anglican Priory, they had been closely associated with Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore, now a parish of COSP. I would assume that they will be receiving Sacramental care from one of the COSP priests in the area and, with the recent reception of St Timothy’s Church, Catonsville, will be closely linked to them in future.
They are not presently associated with COSP in any formal but, given that there are two religious orders linked to the UK Ordinariate, there is no reason why they couldn’t choose to be in the years ahead.

St Mark’s Anglican Church, Rogers, Arkansas. Pastor: Rev Bobby Hall, SSM

Reported in Arkansas Catholic (27th August, 2011) to be on the way to joining the Ordinariate. Formerly in TAC, website presently states it is an Independent Anglican Mission unaffiliated to Canterbury or TEC. Not sure of numbers, stood at 17 in the report.
A comment on the Anglo-Catholic Blog on August 29th, 2012, suggests Fr Hall may not have been accepted for ordination, - I may have misread this.

Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas. Pastor: Fr Christopher G. Phillips, assisted by Fr Jeffrey Moore.

The first Anglican Use parish under the Pastoral Provision in the USA, and the largest, Our Lady of the Atonement has decided, at this time, not to seek membership of the Ordinariate but to remain part of the local diocese.

The Congregation of St Athanasius, Boston, Massachusetts. Chaplain: Reverend Richard S. Bradford.

This congregation began with members of the Parish of All Saints, Ashmont, in the Dorchester neighbourhood of Boston, Massachusetts. All Saints has been a parish of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America for over one hundred years. In January, 1996, several dozen members of All Saints, together with their rector, elected to withdraw from the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion in order to seek admission corporately into the Roman Catholic Church under the special terms of the “Pastoral Provision”.
After a period of preparation, the transition was completed with great rejoicing when, on September 28, 1997, twenty-nine members of the congregation were received into full communion at the direction of his Eminence Bernard Cardinal Law, Archbishop of Boston. The Cardinal then formally erected the Congregation of Saint Athanasius as an Anglican Use chaplaincy in the archdiocese.
Masses are celebrated each Sunday at 11.30am in St Lawrence Catholic Church, Boston and most Saturdays at 9 AM at St. Theresa's, West Roxbury.

St Anselm of Canterbury Catholic Mission, Corpus Christi, Texas. Based at the Our Lady of Corpus Christi Retreat Center.

An Anglican Use mission founded in the Diocese of Corpus Christi in 1994, with pastoral oversight provided by the Society of Our Lady of Holy Trinity. In 2001, it was reported that they were awaiting the erection of the Ordinariate. I do not know what the present position is.

Catholic Anglican Use Laity (CAUL) used to meet at St. Francis of Assisi Church, La Quinta, California, with AU mass offered by Fr Jack Barker (former Episcopalian priest), who is the Pastor of St Martha Catholic Church, Murrieta, California in the Diocese of San Bernadino. I know Fr Barker is a well respected figure among those Anglican Use/Ordinariate world but have no other info about the CAUL at this time.

Holy Cross Anglican Church, Honolulu, Hawaii. Pastor: Reverend Lawrence B Wheeler.

A small mission of the Anglican Church in America (Traditional Anglican Communion), it petitioned
to be received into the Roman Catholic Church under the provisions of Anglican Coetibus on 19th September, 2010.
Fr Wheeler has reportedly withdrawn his application to join the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Lady of Martyr’s Anglican Use Society, Nashville, Tennessee.
Founded in 2010, and with services sometimes provided by Fr Prentice Dean (a former Episcopalian priest ordained for the Diocese of Tennessee in February 2010), I have no real idea whether it still exists as a group. Fr Dean is Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael in Robertson County, Tennessee.

St Columba’s Traditional Anglican Church, Fernley, Nevada. Rector: Fr William Bauer TFSC PhD Assistant: Fr Raymond Cullen

A member of the Episcopal Missionary Church, St Columba’s parish has been struck by appalling misfortune in the past year with an act of arson gutting the church building in October of 2012. Thanks be to God, the City of Fernley has agreed to the building of a new church (agreed on June 13th 2013) and the Insurance money will cover it.
As for the interest in joining the Ordinariate, I believe Fr Bauer is/was part of the Ordinariate formation programme, but have no idea where the process for him and the parish presently stands.

Christ Church of the Resurrection, San Diego, California. Rector: Fr Joseph B. Mai

An ACA Diocese of the West parish, Christ Church of the Resurrection is a majority Vietnamese-American parish which left TEC and only joined the ACA in 2010. Stated to have a 120 strong membership in 2010 (although the ACA website claimed 300). A Fr George Ortiz-Guzman is asaid to have been involved at one-time, whether he is the same priest as the Pastor of the St Augustine of Canterbury Ordinariate parish, I do not know. The parish has not joined COSP and, as far as I am aware, is not on the road to.
Christ Church of the Resurrection is no longer registered as part of the ACA Diocese of the West.

Anglican Use Catholics at St Bede’s, Holland, Pennsylvania.

A group founded to attract those interested in the Anglican Use, it began celebrating Evensong at St Bede’s Catholic Church in October of 2010. I do not have any information as to whether this ever really got off the ground.

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Priory, Raymond, Maine. Prior: Rev Prior Kevin La Marre OSB

A small semi-monastic community founded in 1993, the Priory is part of the ACA Diocese of the North East. Its website shows that it values close Roman Catholic links but no progress to joining the Ordinariate has been reported or seems likely.

St Aiden’s Anglican Church, Des Moines, Iowa. Rector: Fr Chori Jonathin Seraiah

A parish of the ACA-DMV(and the home parish of Archbishop Louis Falk, former primate of the ACA), St Aiden’s seemed set to become a part of the Ordinariate until a last minute change of mind, possibly not unconnected to the decision of Archbishop Falk to decide to not join the Catholic Church. Fr Seraiah was already in the process of undergoing formation and preparation for ordination for the Ordinariate.
Whilst the parish has remained in the ACA, Fr Seraiah is now a priest of the Ordinariate working in his local diocese.

Christ Our Saviour Anglican Church, Denison, Texas. Pastor: Fr Randall Fogle, Pastor Emeritus: Fr Clayton

Part of the ACA-DMV, The parish was very involved in formation to be received into the Catholic Church and both the present and former pastors have applied for acceptance for reception into the Ordinariate formation process. I do not know what the present situation is, but the parish is no longer part of the ACA-DMV.
It seems that parishes with their own property are, in some cases, taking longer to enter and this might be part of the issue. The parish has a Facebook page which still seems to point towards progress towards reception into the Ordinariate.

St Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Rector: Fr Christopher Kelley

On three occasions, the parishioners of this ACA-Diocese of the West parish voted overwhelmingly to join the Ordinariate. Each time, this was challenged by a minority of parishioners and, with legal involvement from Bishop Marsh, Presiding Bishop of ACA. My only comment would be that the ACA House of Bishops required those parishes which had sort to leave the ACA and join the Catholic Church by joining the Patrimony of the Primate (as St Mary’s had) to formally re-apply for admission to the ACA. St Mary’s made clear it had no wish to do this, as its votes showed. The ACA appointed a different rector who removed the vestry and then made the application. Very sad.

Church of the Savior of the World and His Blessed Mother Mission, Irving, Texas. Pastor: Fr Ben Pardo

In December, 2010, it was reported that the Mission, a member of the ACA, had voted unanimously to enter the Ordinariate. It is an outreach mission to Hispanics of recent foundation.
I have no idea what is happening here but know that it is no longer registered as part of the ACA-DMV.

St Peter Damien Parish, Indianapolis.

This was somehow connected to Fr Luke Reece of St Joseph of Arimathea Society, Indiana, now a Catholic Priest in the Ordinariate.

St Columba’s Anglican Church, Lancaster, California. Vicar: Fr Angus B Bower

An ACA-DW parish that did state its intention to join the Roman Catholic Church through the Ordinariate but remains a member of the ACA.

Bl. John Henry Newman Personal Ordinariate Community of Monroe, Louisiana.

This community was provisionally founded on November 5th, 2011 under the administration of Thomas Kennedy. I believe it met at St Matthew Catholic Church in Monroe.
I can find out nothing on the group recently.

St Therese Anglican Church, Easton, Pennsylvania. Vicar: Reverend Harold Minor

Whilst it is called St Therese on the Ordinariate Map, it seems to refer to St Theresa’s Anglican Church, Easton, which remains a parish of the ACA-DEUS.

Trinity Anglican Mission, Franklin, North Carolina. Pastor: Deacon Douglas Strack

This mission was included as one of the missions under the care of the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family led by Bishop Louis Campese as a preparation for reception into the Ordinariate. Now known as St Stephen’s Anglican Church (actually on the ACA-DEUS website as Stephens’s, but this is appalling English), it remains part of ACA, as does Rev Strack.

St Augustine of England Church, Baltimore Area, Maryland. Vicar: Fr J Anthony Vidal

I have been slightly confused in checking this one as St Augustine of England was a parish of the ACA-DEUS which joined with Bishop Campese in the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family preparing to join the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate. Fr Vidal was on the Council of Advice for the Pro-Diocese.
A Fr Vidal connected to Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore (see above), was ordained for the Ordinariate but he is described as being a former Episcopal priest - of course, this does not mean he did not join the ACA at some point. I am then assuming it is the same man as he is listed in the Archdiocese of Baltimore as a non-diocesan priest and his email address is still
I assume any of his parishioners who joined with him attend Mount Calvary or a local Catholic parish.
He is Associate Pastor at Mount Calvary and one of the Assisting Clergy at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Glyndon, Maryland.

St Mark’s Church, Benton, Kentucky. Vicar: Fr Donald True.

This community began when they split with TEC in 2003 and received support and oversight from the Episcopal Missionary Church (EMC). In December 2005, with Fr True as their new interim Rector, they voted to join the Anglican Province of Christ the King (APCK). In September of 2007, the congregation voted to affiliate with the ACA.
The parish was included in the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family under Bishop Campese but seemed to lose interest in the Ordinariate early on as the website showed they had voted to rejoin the EMC in 2012. They still appear on ACA-DEUS website but are in the EMC now. Fr True appears to have retired.

St Luke’s Mission, The Villages, Florida. Vicar: Fr Dean Steward

St Luke’s was part of the ACA-DEUS and joined the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family under Bishop Campese . The community was received into the Catholic Church and Ordinariate with the Incarnation Parish in Orlando (see above).
Fr Steward was received into the Catholic Church and was, at the time, reported to be in charge of the Holy Cross Mission, Ocala, Florida which was received with Incarnation Church.
I am not sure if these missions still exist or what the position of Dean Steward is.

Christ Church, Florida. Vicar: Fr Dean Steward (see above)

I have no present knowledge of the existence, or otherwise, of this mission.

Notre Dame du Mount Carmel Church, Margate, Florida. Vicar: Fr Geemps St. Julien

This parish has a history in the continuing Anglican movement having been part of Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite) in 2009, at some point it joined the ACA. It joined with the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family under Bishop Campese.
I do not know if Fr St. Julien was also received as nobody has passed on the information when I created my post on former TAC clergy in the Roman Catholic Church.

Sacred Heart Franciscans, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

This group appeared to revolve around the late Brother Francis Augustine who passed away in April of 2012. He was closely connected with Our Lady of the Angels Chapel (see above).


All Saints' Traditional Anglican Church, Calgary Alberta: Rector. Fr Ernest Skublics.

The Parish remains part of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC), Fr Skublics was reconciled with the Roman Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil with one other parishioner. Fr Tony Ward, also connected with All Saints', was received with his family in January of 2012. Some parishioners had already left to join with St John the Evangelist, Calvary (former Anglican Church of Canada parish) previously.

Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, Victoria, British Columbia. Rector: Bishop Peter Wilkinson

Whilst Bishop Wilkinson and a considerable number of his parishioners and other clergy joined the Catholic Church, others decided not to. Now Monsignor Wilkinson is the Pastor of the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman in Victoria and three of his fellow clergy have also been ordained. The Cathedral remains the Cathedral Church of the ACCC with former Dean, Fr Shane Jansen, now the Metropolitan and Bishop Ordinary and Rector of this parish.

St Barnabas Parish, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, remained with the ACCC.

St Athanasius, Montreal, Quebec, remained with the ACCC.

St Francis Mission, Amhurst, Nova Scotia, remained with the ACCC.

St Aiden’s Pro-Cathedral, Halifax, Nova Scotia, remained with the ACCC.

St George’s-by-the-Sea, Ecum Secum, Moses River, Nova Scotia, remained with the ACCC.

St Stephen, Protomartyr, Newfoundland, remained with the ACCC.

St Michael and All Angels, Grand Le Pierre, Newfoundland, remained with the ACCC.

St Augustine of Canterbury, Newfoundland, seems to have disappeared as a parish of the ACCC, but the former Deacon there, Robert Short, was ordained a priest in the ACCC and appointed to Saint Michael and All Angels (see above).

The New Brunswick missions of Chapel of the Sign and Chapel of the Annunciation have disappeared from the ACCA website.

St Patrick’s Church, Vancouver, British Columbia, is no longer on the ACCA website.

The Chapel of Our Lady and St Martin, British Columbia, is no longer on the ACCA website.

Holy Trinity, Medicine Hat, Alberta, remains a parish of the ACCA.

St Michael and All Angels, Abbotsford, British Columbia, remains a parish of the ACCA.

Christ Church Mission, British Columbia, is no longer on the ACCA website.

Our Lady and St Michael, Edmonton, Alberta, remains a parish of the ACCA.

Holy Redeemer Mission, Edmonton, Alberta, is no longer on the ACCA website.

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