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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter Parish Directory (unofficial).

I thought it might be worth attempting to report on the make up of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter (COSP), in terms of its membership, clergy and prospects in both the USA and Canada.
Since the first indications of interest in joining the Ordinariate as published on the Google Map, I have been fascinated to see how the COSP would pan out, so I have laid out below those groups/parishes that could be seen to be part of the COSP even if the formal process of their membership has not actually taken place.
On another post, I will list those who expressed an interest but did not, of do not appear to have, continue on the process of joining COSP. I will also look at those on the way to membership. I have avoided the different titles of Vicar, Rector, Parish Administrator, et al, and will normally use the catch-all of Pastor (or former Pastor) for ease of reference.
I have been fairly narrow in my definition so have not included some of the groups which joined with the Incarnation Church as I can find no present evidence of their ongoing activity but will include them in the above mentioned blogpost. I, of course, invite correction.

Principal Church of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter:

Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church and Shrine, Houston, Texas

Formerly an Anglican Use Parish under the Pastoral Provision, now the Principal Church for the Ordinariate. Its clergy are:
Monsignor Jeffrey Steenson, Ordinary; Father Charles Hough IV, Rector. Father Laurence Gipson, Priest-in-Residence; Deacon James Barnett and Deacon John Denson, Pastoral Assistants. Reverend Mr Barnett was ordained as the first Deacon in the Anglican Use in May, 1987.
Founded in 1982 after the reception of former Episcopalian priests James Moore and James Ramsay, with only a dozen or so parishioners, the parish was dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham. Fathers Moore and Ramsay were ordained on April 7th, 1984 whilst the parish was formally erected on the same day. Land was eventually purchased and, after remarkable grace through donations, including one of $1 million, the serious building of the church was begun.. The Shrine, along with other necessary building work, was dedicated by Cardinal DiNardo in May of 2011.
An anonymous donor purchased 5 acres of land, valued at $5 million, adjacent to Our Lady of Walsingham church and donated it for the building of a Chancery. It has a parish membership of around 300, although the bulletin regularly records over 500 people at Mass.

The Society of St Gregory the Great, Mobile, Alabama.
Pastor: Father Matthew A. Venuti
Founded by Fr Venuti, the Society brings together those of an Episcopalian background in the Mobile area who are seeking to form a community in COSP. They gather for the celebration of Mass at 11.00am each Sunday in St Joan of Arc Church. Fr Venuti was ordained for COSP on 2nd June, 2012.

Church of the Holy Nativity, Payson, Arizona.
Pastor: Father Lowell E Andrews
The Church of the Holy Nativity was part of the ACA Diocese of the West. The parish petitioned to join the Catholic Church under the provisions of Anglican Coetibus on 29th September, 2010. The parish was received on 18th December 2012 and its rector was ordained as a Catholic priest at the same Mass. It is a parish of the Ordinariate.
Around 30 people were received (although it could be that the parish is bigger than this).

St Augustine of Canterbury, Oceanside, California.
Pastor: Father George Ortiz-Guzman.
An ACA Diocese of the West parish, it was reported that 38 members of St Augustine of Canterbury (of 50) were received on July 3rd, 2012, whilst 12 others were still in discernment. Administrator, Fr George Ortiz-Guzman was ordained on 23rd June 2013. St Augustine of Canterbury worship at 12.45pm each Sunday at St Margaret’s Catholic Church, Oceanside, California.

Blessed John Henry Newman Society of Orange County, California.
Pastor: Father Andrew Bartus
The Blessed John Henry Newman Society was made up of people of ACA, TEC and other backgrounds. Fr Bartus was formerly in the TEC and, for a short time, in the ACA.
On July 3rd, 2012, Andrew Bartus was ordained a priest for the Ordinariate (he had been received with his wife on 12th April) at the same Mass that the 30+ members of the Society were received into the Church .
Now known as Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic Church, the community originally met for Sunday Mass at 3pm in St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Santa Ana, but now meet in St Luke's Room at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fullerton to respond to their growing numbers. They celebrate a Low Mass at 10.30 am and a Sung Mass at 1.00pm.

The Incarnation Catholic Church, Orlando Florida. Pastor:
Father William (Doc) Holiday
Previously the Cathedral of the ACA Diocese of the Eastern United States (ACA-DEUS), then of the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family for those mainly ACA parishes/communities seeking to join the COSP, it was the seat of Bishop Louis Campese. Bishop Campese shepherded his community into the Roman Catholic Church on September 16th, 2013. 140 people were confirmed on that day, some from other missions in Florida, and Bishop Campese, Fr William Holliday and Fr Scott Whitmore were among those ACA clergy received that day. Fr Holliday went on to be ordained as a priest and is now the Pastor of the Parish. Scott Whitmore had already announced his intention to not seek to be ordained for the COSP and is now active in the parish as a Lector and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.
Poignantly, Bishop Campese has not gone on to be ordained as a Catholic priest but remains the Parish Administrator, as well a Lector and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. I don't know the story behind this and do not care to speculate but I know that he is deeply admired by all those who have been following the parish's journey into the COSP, not least for his commitment, pastoral care, single-mindedness and lack of personal ambition. There have been many sacrifices by those on the path to unity and the former Bishop Campese is a sign of just how much one sacrifices.

St James's Mission, St Augustine, Florida.

This was an unusual member of the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family, as it was led by a man who had been a Roman Catholic layman for a number of years, having resigned as an Episcopal priest on the Feast of the Epiphany in 2006. Fr Nick Marziani (for it is he) affiliated with the Pro-Diocese as a way to bring Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church. St James's Mission now meets in the St Augustine House of Prayer for a Vigil Mass at 4.30pm each Saturday with Fr Marziani (ordained for the COSP on June 17th, 2012) as the Pastor. I understand it to be a small, but growing, community.

Our Lady of the Angels, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Former Pastor: Canon G. Richmond Bridge
A fair sized parish by ACA standards (an independent group reported it as at one time having 50 members), Our Lady of the Angels affiliated themselves to the Pro-Diocese of the Holy Family under Bishop Campese. It is recorded that the parish joined the Catholic Church at the same time as Incarnation Church. I was a bit uncertain about included this community in this post but, given its size, I thought I should. I cannot say whether their vicar, Canon G. Richmond Bridge, joined with them or how many did join the Church and the Ordinariate. I do not know whether those received worship together or at local Roman Catholic Churches.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Anglican Use Community of Savannah, Georgia. Pastor: Father Lucien D Lindsey
Founded in May 2011, the previously titled Anglican Use Society became known as the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Anglican Use Community of Savannah, the Low Country. Former Bishop Rt Rev Lou Lindsey was Bishop to the Armed Forces for the Episcopal Missionary Church.
The group meets at Our Lady of Confidence Carmelite Monastery, Savannah, Georgia.
Fr Lindsey was Ordained as a priest for COSP on 11th December, 2013.

St Joseph of Arimithea Anglican Use Society, Indiana, Indianapolis. Former Pastor: Father Luke Reese
This was a community under the care of the ACA for 5 years. 18 members of the society were received into the Roman Catholic Church on 7th April, 2012. They are in the process of preparing more people for reception into COSP. Luke Reese is part of the formation programme for priesthood within COSP. 

Update: the community now has 30 members with lots of childern besides. They meet for AU Mass on Sunday mornings at 8am in the Holy Rosary Parish Church, joined by another 20-30 people (Catholics and the curious). They are very much a part of Holy Rosary Parish.
Luke Reese will begin studies this Autumn and is expected to take three years to complete them; meanwhile, he is active in the parish.

Mount Calvary Church, Baltimore, Maryland.
Pastor: Father Jason Catania
A centre of Anglo-Catholicism (in its early Tractarian form) since the Parish’s foundation in 1842, Mount Calvary has been on a long journey to unity with the Roman catholic Church. Many former parishioners, including former clergy, have joined the Catholic Church over the years, including in recent years . The All Saint’s Sisters (closely connected to the parish) joined the Catholic Church in 2009.
On January 22nd, 2012, the parish was received into the Catholic Church by the Ordinary, Msgr Steenson. Reportedly, 42 people were either received into, or reconciled with, the Catholic Church.
The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland reached an agreement with the parish to take allow it to keep the parish property.
The Rector, Jason Catania, was ordained as a Catholic Priest and is now the Parish Administrator. Fathers David Reamsmyder and Anthony Vidal, formerly Episcopalian curates at Mount Calvary, are recorded as Associates in the parish. Fr Reamsnyder is appointed Parish Administrator of St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Michigan, in the Diocese of Lansing whilst Fr Vidal is registered as part of the Assisting Clergy in Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Glyndon, Maryland.

St Luke Episcopal Church, Bladensburg, Maryland.
Pastor: Father Mark Lewis
A parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, St Luke’s was received into the Catholic Church (and subsequently the Ordinariate) on 9th October, 2011. The Episcopal Diocese allowed the community to retain its Church for a couple of years but there is now discussion about a future home for St Luke’s and making provision for the Ordinariate communities of North Virginia and Washington DC.
Fr Lewis was ordained as a priest in the Ordinariate on 24th June, 2012.
68 parishioners were received (including 10 reconciling with the Roman Catholic Church).
Fr Lewis was ordained for the COSP on 23rd June 2012.

St John Fisher Ordinariate Community, North Virginia Mission of St Luke’s, Bladensburg
. Pastor: Father Randolph Sly.
A small community (about a dozen) based at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, Potomac Falls, Virginia. Fr Sly, a former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC), entered the Catholic Church in 2006. Ordained for COSP on 23rd June, 2012, Fr Sly is an Associate Editor of Catholic Online. CEC is an independent Anglican denomination.

St Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Catonsville, Maryland.
Vicar: Father Terry Sweeney
The parish overwhelmingly voted to join COSP on 13th February, 2012, being received by Monsignor Steenson during the Easter Vigil on 31st March, 2013. Fr Sweeney is part of the formation programme for ordination within COSP. Somewhere over 40 were received, or reconciled.
The community had to vacate the church property on 30th June, 2013 (as the Episcopal Diocese wishes to maintain a presence in Catonsville) and are presesently meeting at St Mark's Catholic Church in Catonsville. They are looking at a permanent home in either St. William of York Catholic Church buildings or at Mount de Sales Academy, a Catholic girls' school in the town.

Christ the King Church, Towson, Maryland.
Pastor: Father Edward Meeks
The former ACA parish (founded in 1996 as part of the Charismatic Episcopal Church) was received into the Ordinariate on 24th June, 2012. Their Pastor, Fr Ed Meeks was ordained the previous Saturday.
The parish has over 130 attendees, the vast majority of whom were received (88 confirmed, others too young for Confirmation, others reconciled). Three other clergy were recorded as joining with this parish, namely, Revv Ray Strawser, Mark Bradley and Lawrence Reinholt. I have no idea what the situation is with these three gentlemen in terms of whether or not they have sought, or been granted, formation to become priests of COSP.
The parish used to be the centre of academic training for the ACA and was certainly a jewel in the crown.

(Sacred Heart Mission, Mount Airey, Maryland:
Former Pastor: Father Dennis Hewitt
A Mission of the ACA , made up of former members of TEC who left in 1994, they were previously affiliated with the Charismatic Episcopal Church and then joined ACA in 2007.
The community of 17 people were received into the Catholic Church under the Ordinariate on 23rd September, 2012. Initially a Mission of Christ The King Ordinariate parish in Towson, Sacred Heart has folded as a group with most members attending the local Catholic parish or attending Ordinariate communities elsewhere in Maryland. The Reverend Hewitt is not entering the Catholic priesthood but is an active part of the Catholic community.)

St Gregory the Great Ordinarite Community, Beverly, Massachusetts. Pastor: Father Jurgen W. Liias.
Father Liias is one of those who have come from the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), having been the founding pastor of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church after he left the Episcopal Church (TEC) in October of 2009. He brought 250 people with him and another 150 joined.
After the publication of Anglicanorum coetibus, Fr Liias felt called to the Ordinariate and communion with the See of Peter. He was received into the Church on 15th August, 2013. He was ordained a Priest for COSP on 20th April 2013 and leads a community of around 20 people.

St Bede the Venerable, St John’s Abbey, Minnesota

The Society of St Bede the Venerable, Collegeville, Minnesota are now an Anglican Use Society in the Ordinariate. They are a small group sponsored by St Jon’s Abbey in Collegeville and have a Chaplain in Fr Nathaneal OSB who stated on Fr Z’s blog that “members come from the northern Minnesota, the Twin Cities and as far as Wisconsin to pray Saturday Evensong and Sunday Mass every other month”. They received and confirmed a new member on April 14th, 2013. Little acorns and all that.

Anglican Ordinariate Society at Immaculate Conception Church, Springfield, Missouri.Offically established on 5th August, 2013, when several members were formally received into the COSP, the group's roots go back to 2010 when a parishioner of Immaculate Conception parish (I think it was Mr Shane Schaetzel) initiated the idea with the blessing of the local RC bishop. A regular prayer meeting began to meet at the church from 12th June, 2012. The group is attended by Roman Catholics who were formerly Anglican/Episcopalian, Anglicans considering joining the Church through the COSP as well as people of Baptist and Assembly of God backgrounds who are also considering the move. "Cradle Catholics" are also part of the group.
I do not know the size of the group but it obviously is actively seeking to evangelise.

Our Lady of Hope Society, Kansas, Missouri.Formed as an Anglican Use Society in in 2008 when a small group of Anglicans were received into the Church at Pentecost. Celebrating its Fifth ‘birthday’ on 29th June 2013, it has regular Anglican Use Masses and the number of members has grown. It’s Masses (4pm on Saturday afternoons) take place in St. Therese the Little Flower Catholic Church, Kansas City, MO.
It became a formal part of the Ordinariate on January 25th, 2014, when Monsignor Steenson received the 20 or so applications from former Episcopalian, now diocesan (Kansas City-St. Joseph), priest Fr Ernie Davis, who leads the community.

Fellowship of St Alban, Rochester, New York.
Pastor: Father John Cornelius Formed from former Episcopalians and received on 24th October, 2012, The Fellowship of St. Alban is lead br Fr John Cornelius, who was Ordained to Priesthood for service in COSP on 26th June 2013. The group, which initially began with the Reception of 7 people (6 on the day and one, I believe, later), meets for Mass as the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Henrietta.

Community of Saint Anselm, Greenville, North Carolina. Pastor: Father Jon Chalmers
A small community formed on 10th June, 2012, by Father Chalmers (ordained for COSP on 3rd June, 2012), Saint Anselm's meets for worship at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Greenville, each Sunday at 6pm.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Anglican Church, Jacksonville, North Carolina. Pastoral Administrator: Fr. William Waun
A mission of ACA-DEUS, the community was received into the Catholic Church as a member of the Ordinariate on 18th November, 2012. 15 people were reportedly received. Dr Waun was ordained as a Priest of the COSP on November 22nd, 2014.

St Barnabas Church, Omaha, Nebraska. Rector: Fr Rob Scheiblhofer
Founded as a parish in 1869, St Barnabas disaffiliated from the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska in 2007, joining the ACA Diocese of the Missouri Valley (DMV). The parish has been in quiet negotiation with the Episcopal Diocese to bring to a mutually satisfactory end the litigation brought against the parish by the Diocese in 2007. An agreement has now been reached with the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, a private settlement reached and St Barnabas has been allowed to retain her Church property. The parish is being received into the Roman Catholic Church on 10th July, 2013 (today, the day after I originally posted, just to show that news is out of date immediately), numbering around 50 members. Fr Scheiblhofer was ordained to the priesthood for COSP on 10th August, 2013.

Church of St Michael the Archangel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pastor: Father David Ousley Formed from the Episcopal Church of St James the Less, which disaffiliated from TEC in 1999, joining the ACA, but lost their church in 2007 after litigation by the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.
25 members of the community were received into the Catholic Church on 2nd April 2012. Fr Ousley was ordained for the Ordinariate on 16th June, 2012.
Sunday Mass is celebrated for the parish at 9am in Holy Cross Catholic Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fellowship of the Blessed John Henry Newman, Philadelpia, Pennsylvania. Pastoral care currently provided by Fr. David Ousley of St. Michael's, Philadelphia (see the above post).
Formed from the former Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopalian parish in Rosemount, Philadelphia, the Fellowship had been in a process of 'consideration' for the past couple of years under the leadership of Bishop David Moyer, who was a priest of the Diocese of Pennsylvania (TEC), whilst also being a Bishop of the Anglican Church in America. For that particular history, please read around. Whilst Bishop Moyer received his Nulla from Rome, the local Catholic Bishop, probably due to the legal issues outstanding between Bishop Moyer and others at the time, refused to issue the required Votum to allow his ordination to go ahead. This led to the congregation, in a couple of different locations, setting up the Fellowship under Bishop Moyer's pastoral care. Bishop Moyer announced that he would be retirng as pastor at Easter of 2014 and seeking to be received into the Catholic Church as a layman (whilst still hoping to eventuaally receive the Bishop's Votum); he encouraged his congregation to do likewise. On November 2nd, 2014, 19 members of the Fellowship were Confirmed in the Catholic Church as members of COSP - I would guess that others are still considering their next steps and some may have been formerly Roman Catholics who were reconciled. There had been 75 members of the Fellowship at one point, so one can only specualte about the numbers received.
The Sunday Mass is celebrated in Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Wayne, Philadelphia, at 6pm.

St Thomas More Society - now St Thomas More Catholic Parish, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Pastor: Father Eric Bergman.
The Society (now parish) was formed in January, 2005, when Rev Bergman and half of his parishioners from the Episcopal Parish of the Good Shepherd were received into the Roman Catholic Church under the care of Msgr. William Feldcamp at St. Clare Catholic Church. The Society celebrated Mass of the Anglican use under the Pastoral Provision, led by Fr Bergman after his Ordination for the Diocese of Scranton in April 2007.
Fr. Bergman became the first priest incardinated in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter in May 2012, concurrently with the St. Thomas More Society's erection as St. Thomas More Catholic Parish. In August of 2012, the congregation, Pastor, and his family moved to a new permanent home,
the St. Joseph Church campus, at the corner of North Main Avenue and Theodore Streets.Masses are celebrated each Sunday with High Mass at 10:00 am and a Low Mass is celebrated at 7:00 pm.
The parish numbers are recorded in the Times-Tribune newspaper (10th May, 2012) as being 150 and with the same paper reporting the number of pending confirmations of new parishioners as ‘high’ in its 7th 2013 edition.

Corpus Christi Catholic Community, Charleston, South Carolina.
Pastor: Father Patrick S. Allen
This community grew out of a small number of families that left the Church of Holy Communion Episcopal Parish, Charleston, along with one of the priests, Fr. Patrick Allen. 23 people were received into, or reconciled with, the Catholic Church on 1st June, 2013 (the Feast of Corpus Christi, appropriately), whilst Fr. Allen was ordained to the priesthood on 7th July, 2013. The Community's inaugural Mass is on 1st September, 2013, at 11.30am at St Mary of the Annunciation Church, Charleston.

Fort Worth Area Ordinariate Group, Texas:
Pastor: Father Tim Perkins.
The group entered the Church as the St Peter the Rock Ordinariate Catholic Community; I am placing this group under ACNA as they were a part of the ACNA-affiliated Diocese of Fort Worth.
Fr Perkins was ordained as an Ordinariate priest on June 30th, 2012, having been received with his 30+ strong community in September 2011. All former members of TEC.
Fr Perkins, as of April 1st of 2013, is the pastor of St Mary the Virgin parish, Arlington (see below) and, with the two groups being close together they have pretty much been united at St Mary’s, with some services still continuing in the former chapel used by St Peter’s.

St Gilbert Church, Boerne, Texas.
Pastor: Father Mark Cannaday.
Fr Cannaday was ordained for COSP on 30th June, 2012. I do not know how large his community is but he offers Mass on Wednesday mornings at 10 am in St Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Boerne.

St John Vianney Catholic Church, Cleburne, Granbury, Texas. Pastor: Canon Charles Hough III
Canon Hough has been the Canon to the Ordinary (similar to a Vicar-General is a Catholic Diocese) of the Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA) and had been seeking to bring unity between both his diocese and the RC Diocese of Fort Worth.
He left the Episcopal Diocese in September 2011 and, with over 30 parishioners, was received into the Catholic Church and then COSP. He was, alongside his son (Charles Hough IV) ordained a priest of COSP on 30th June 2012. Fr Hough is the Vicar for Clergy for COSP.

St Mary the Virgin Catholic Parish, Arlington, Texas.
Pastor: Father Timothy Perkins. Pastor Emeritus: Father Allan Hawkins.
St Mary the Virgin was the first Episcopal (Anglican) parish in the world to be received corporately (including its property) into Roman Catholic Church when it was received in 1994. It was an Anglican Use parish under the Pastoral Provision in the Diocese of Fort Worth.
It has just become part of the Ordinariate on the retirement of the former Pastor, Fr Allan Hawkins, who had been the vicar of the parish when part of the Episcopal Church. It has a parish membership of over 400.
Fr Perkins of the St Peter the Rock Community, Arlington (see above), was appointed as Parish Priest on 1st April. Whilst some services still take place in the chapel used by St Pater’s, the communities have pretty much become united.

St Timothy Episcopalian Church, Arlington, Forth Worth, Texas.
Pastor: Father Christopher Stainbrook
60 members of St Timothy
s entered the Roman Catholic Church on 27th May, 2012. Another 15 members were still in preparation for Reception. Fr Stainbrook was ordained as a priest in the Ordinariate 30th June, 2012, and is now St Timothy Catholic Churchs pastor.The community have Sunday Mass at 2pm St Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, Fort Worth.

St John Fisher Ordinariate Community, Virginia. Mission of St Luke’s, Bladensburg
. Pastor: Father Randolph Sly.

A small community (about a dozen) based at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, Potomac Falls, Virginia. Fr Sly, a former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC), entered the Catholic Church in 2006. Ordained for COSP on 23rd June, 2012, Fr Sly is an Associate Editor of Catholic Online. CEC is an independent Anglican denomination.
Canada (Deanery of St John the Baptist)

St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Pastor: Fr Lee Kenyon
A parish of the Diocese of Calgary from 1905 to 2011, the majority of St John
s parishioners voted to leave the Anglican Church in December of 2011 and were received into the Roman Catholic Church as the first Anglican Use Parish in Canada. On 7th January, 2013, the parish was formally erected as a Mission Parish in the Deanery of St John the Baptist in COSP. The Deanery (formed on 7th December, 2012) covers the whole of Canada and Fr Kenyon is the appointed Dean.The Anglican Diocese of Calgary kindly agreed to allow the parish to continue to use the Church and its property.
Fr Kenyon was ordained, along with honorary parish assistant, Fr John Wright, on 30th June, 2012. Fr Wright is on loan to the RC Diocese of Calgary. Whilst 71 people were received, I understand Mass attendance now stands around the 150 in number with encouraging numbers being received. Fr Lawrence Gibson was ordained priest on 11th June, 2013 and assists in the parish. Fr Gibson was most recently the pastor of Grace Anglican Church of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC). 8 former parishioners of Grace Anglican Church have either been received or are actively considering reception.

St Thomas More Anglican Use Sodality (Toronto Anglican Use Society), Toronto, Ontario. Pastor: Fr. John Hodgins

Formed by Anglicans, former Anglicans and Catholics in response to the proposal to form Personal Ordinariates for Anglican communities to enter the Catholic Church, the group was formally renamed as the St Thomas More Anglican Use Sodality after a June 16th meeting. With more than 24 formal members, the sodality is canonically a
public association of the faithful, a first step to formation as a parish. I believe the first group were received on December 18th, 2011 with several others received since, including from a Mennonite and United Church of Canada background (with thanks to Peregrinus). Mass is celebrated at Sacré-Coeur Catholic Church at 1.45pm, as it has been since 6th May, 2012.

Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, Victoria, British Columbia.
Pastor: Monsignor Peter Wilkinson
Formed in December, 2001, in response to the proposal to create Personal Ordinariates for former Anglicans, the Fellowships 22 members were received into the Church on 15th April, 2012. Now a Mission Parish of COSP. Former Metropolitan of the ACCC, Peter Wilkinson was ordained for COSP on 8th December, 2012 and raised to the rank of Prelate of Honour (Monsignor), the announcement made on 2nd February, 2013. He is now Parish Priest. The Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist, where Msgr Wilkinson and his community had formerly worshipped, chose to remain in the ACCC. Former ACC clergy, Michael Birch and Don Malins, were ordained for COSP on June 14th, 2013 and assist in the parish. Fr Birch was Dean Kenyons predecessor as vicar of St Johns, Calgary. Also received were former ACCC priests Sean Henry, Ralph Braunstien and Peter Switzer. Peter Switzer was ordained as a priest for COSP on June 14th, 2013 but I am not sure where he is now based.
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Ottawa, Ontario:
Pastor: Father Carl Reid.
Formerly St John the Evangelist Parish, this parish of ACCC was received into the Catholic Church on 15th April, 2012 and former bishop Reid was ordained a priest for COSP on 26th January, 2013. About 30 members were received into the Catholic Church. Now known as the Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The parish brought its Church building with it.

St Edmund, King and Martyr, Waterloo, Ontario. Former
Pastor: Fr Raymond Ball
Formed as a mission of the ACCC in the Autumn of 1996, the parish of St Edmund was received into the RC Church on 1st January, 2012. 11 people were received at the time. Each Sunday, they celebrate Anglican Use Mass in the Lady Chapel of St Patricks Church, Cambridge, Ontario. Local diocesan priest Fr William Foote acts as their chaplain.I do not know what the situation of Raymond Ball now is but Mr Gary Freeman appears to be the main organiser.
Now known as the Sodality of St Edmund of Canterbury, the Sodality was formally received into COSP by Monsignor Steenson on 29th May, 2013.
Update: Mr Ball was received as a layman and is not seeking Holy Orders in the Roman Catholic Church (thank you to Mr Freeman for this).

Parish of the Holy Nativity, Barrhaven, Ontario.
Pastor: Father B Kipling Cooper
A small parish community which entered the Catholic Church with the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, its members presently worship with that Sodality.

St Barnabas, Spencerville, Ontario: Pastor: Father Doug Hayman.
A small parish community which entered the Catholic Church with the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, its members presently worship with that Sodality.

Our Lady of Walsingham (formerly St Peter and Paul Anglican Church), Vancouver. 
Administrator: Father Michael Shier
Received into the Catholic Church on 30th June, 2012, the group now referred to as the Vancouver Ordinariate Group, was then 14 strong. Only in June, 2013, was an Anglican Use Mass first celebrated in Vancouver by the visiting Dean, Fr Lee Kenyon.

Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, Edmonton, Alberta.
Former Pastor: Father David Skelton
Formerly of Our Lady and St Michael Parish, Fr Skelton led a small group into the Catholic Church (7, I think). They are sacramentally cared for by Diocesan priest, Fr David McLeod, at St Andrews, Edmonton. The group recently met with Msgr Steenson at the post-ordination buffet (Fr Gibsons ordination). I understand that David Skelton is in formation for COSP. I believe another former ACCC clergyman, Fr Bryan Donegan was also received (or reconciled).
Sodality of the Good Shepherd (formerly the Good Shepherd Anglican Church), Oshawa, Ontario.
Pastor: Fr. James Tilley.
The community was received into the Roman Catholic Church on 23rd April, 2012. About a dozen in all with their former priests, James Tilley and David Garrett,. Fr Tilley is now ordained and leads this community. I do not know thw situation for Mr Garrett, who may be in formation. They have their own Church.

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory's Christ the King Parish, Ontario.
Former Pastor: Father Gerard Trinque
The community was received into the Catholic Church on 22nd April, 2012; 13 were formally received but a handful more may have been reconciled (former RC
s returning). Anglican Use Mass is offered for the community by diocesan priest, Fr Richard Whalen. I do not know what is the position of their former priest, Gerard Trinque, although I understand he was received into the Catholic Church.
Our Lady of the Sign Community (formerly St Michaels Anglican Church), Fredericton, New Brunswick. Former Pastor: Canon Richard Harris
On June 24th, 2013, former Canon Harris was one of a dozen members of St Michaels received into the Catholic Church. The community now worship with the local Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and the former Canon Harris awaits a decision on whether he will be ordained for COSP.
The ACCC parish of Christ the King, Calgary, was dissolved in 2012 and their Rector, Father Colin ORourke was received with 5 others at St Johns, Calgary, on Palm Sunday of 2012. Several of the Christ the King former parishioners had already joined St Johns, Calgary, in 2011 and entered the Church with the parish.
Father Tony Ward and Father Ernest Skublics, formerly of the ACCC parish of All Saints. Calgary, Father Ward and his family in January of 2012, Father Skublics reconciled with the Church at the Easter Vigil of 2012. Only one other parishioner of All Saints had joined at the Vigil.

Rev Dr Charles Warner, rector of Holy Cross Parish, Sydney Forks, Nova Scotia, also joined the Catholic Church. I do not know of the present circumstances for him or his former parish. (Update - Dr Warner has apparently left the Catholic Church and is not involved with the ACCC either. We keep him in our prayers).

Father Chris Le Page, rector of St Thomas More Church, Charlottetown, Nova Scotia joined the Catholic Church. I do not know of the present circumstances for him or his former parish.


  1. The Toronto Sodality is now called St Thomas More:
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    + pax et bonum

  2. Hi, I actually have noted that in the Toronto Sodality reference, but I realise I should call it by its new name. Thanks for that.

  3. Excellent initiative---and most interesting to read the biographies of the communities that put the "groups" in Anglicanorum coetibus. Thank you.

    Two small corrections, however: the group in Victoria, BC formed in 2011, not 2001, and the group in Waterloo, ON is St Edmund, King and Martyr (not "of Canterbury").

    Sean Henry.

  4. Thanks Sean, I knew the proper name but was on auto-pilot. Corrected.

  5. Thank you for your work in updating the list of those in the CSP Ordinariate. Here is a correction and update to the STM Toronto entry.

    The correct spelling of the official name of the church where the group meets is "Sacré-Coeur", Toronto (Sacred Heart) - see the blog Peregrinations for details. This is a French-speaking congregation in the archdiocese serving the inner city and working with the STM Anglican Use congregation.

    Fr. Eric Rodrigues (Cardinal Collins' assistant) is the AU Chaplain, He along with several other priests (both diocesan and Oratorian) are authorized to celebrate the AU Mass every Sunday at 1:45 pm. This AU Sunday Sung Mass has been offered weekly since May 6, 2012 with a professional choir.

    More members from a variety of backgrounds, including Mennonite and United Church of Canada, have been received over the past two years. Over 60 people were present for Mass on July 7 this year for the visit of the CSP Canadian dean, the Very Rev. Lee Kenyon.

    1. Another follow-up. Raymond Ball is now retired after many years of service. He was received into full communion but has no pursued ordination due to age. He now lives in Toronto and is a member of St. Thomas More.

  6. Thank you for that - I have no idea how I managed to misspell the church's name. I blame it on frustration at the server constantly going down when I was trying to post. I have updated.

  7. S. Joe of Armathea in Indy can add the following. We now have 30 members that I know of and lots of children. We are joined at our AU Mass every Sunday at 8am, Holy Rosary Parish, by 20-30 other folks, some already Catholic some just curious visitors. Always new faces at our Mass. We are involved in numerous facets at our sponsoring parish - music, KoC, Parish Council, Lumen Christi private Catholic school, Catholic home schooling co-op, pro-life activities. Members of our group actively participate in not only Ordinariate worship at our parish but the Ordinary and Extraordinary Masses as well. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis and our two bishops, Archbishop Tobin and Bishop Coyne, have been models of generosity and hospitality to our community. We have been served by three very talented diocesan priests. Our new chaplain is Fr. Ryan McCarthy who just earned his STD in Rome with a focus on moral theology.

    There isn't a definite timetable on when or if Luke Reese will be ordained, but it is expected that he will begin seminary studies this autumn at S. Meinrad Seminary. A three year course of study is expected. In the interim he has been coordinating and directing parts of the music program at the parish.

  8. Thank you for this initiative! As Sean Henry has pointed out, we are St. Edmund, King and Martyr, not 'of Canterbury'. Raymond Ball was received with us on January 1, 2012, as a layman and is not seeking Holy Orders.

    Gary Freeman

  9. Thank you for this information - I had already corrected the name and will now add the information about Mr Ball.

  10. You wrote: "Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church (...) has a parish membership of around 300."
    Their weekly bulletins regularly show Sunday attendance of close to or more than 500, e.g. 554 on June 30:
    I know that ASA is not the same as membership, but your excellent list seems to account more for actual than official numbers...
    Thank you for your great work! The Ordinariates remain in prayers of Catholics also in countries with no Anglicans at all (like Central and Eastern Europe).

  11. Duly noted and revised. I looked it up on the website and you are correct.
    Thank you for this.

  12. St. Michael's Fredericton, NB. We are now happily attending Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Fredericton as we all await news of my possible ordination as a Catholic priest. When that takes place we'll determine where the Lord wants us to be. OLF has what some might describe as "the best Anglican Liturgy` in our area. When we do form our own solidarity it will no doubt be under the name of Our Lady of the Sign. Send me a note ( and I`ll give you the details on Chris LePage and Charles Warner. (The former Canon) Richard Harris.

  13. We have some members of St. Thomas More, Toronto moving to St. Louis for work. Is there any Ordinariate group in formation in that region?

  14. We can certainly ask people if they know of anything. I only know of the two groups in Missouri in Kansas and Springfield, they might know something.
    I invite anybody else to let us know.