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The Communion of Saints
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another Stockport Liberal Democrat jumps ship. Lets hope this one drowns.

Interesting news that Chris Walker, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Brinnington and Central, has quit the party and is sitting as an Independent. Apparently no reasons were given. I would suggest the result of the recent local elections are as good an explanation as one is likely to find, with the Liberal Democrat candidate getting less than 12% of the vote and the Labour candidate receiving just under 70%.
Councillor Walker has previously been suspended from the Lib Dem group due to his conviction for a drunken racist rant towards a police officer in 2008, although this did not stop them from welcoming him back into the fold quite soon afterwards.
I assume he has no hope of being accepted into the Labour Party so are we looking at an attempt to run as an Independent? Whatever happens, Brinnington and Central is my Labour odds-on gain for 2012 and one hopes that Councillor Walker's brief sojourn in the political corridors of the Town Hall will soon be a memory.

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