The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

In the bleak......

I am sat in the coldest house I have lived in, with 200 year old original sash windows (ie, cold wind permitters), the worst heating system money can buy and wondering why I always say - "this time next year, it'll be different", when it never is?
What keeps me going is the beautiful, remote location, the proximity of a Carmel, the fact that my garden is fantastic, the fields around great for the dog, the lack of burglaries (if the buggers can find me, they can take what they want), the wonder of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Not only that, as a council estate boy, I love the fact that I live in a turretted cottage. When people ask me if it is a 'real' turret, I always respond, "Why, what's yours like?"
There are loads of drawbacks, particularly at the moment with everything creaking, leaking and absolutely freezing, but I will sit in front of the log fire with my dog and thank my lucky stars for great mercies.

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