The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Welcome home Deborah.

Sometime ago, with no malice intended, I posted a blog that caused deep offence to several people which I should have forseen given that I had posted due to the offence I had felt about certain issues.
One of the people I offended was Deborah Gyapong, a Canadian journalist who writes about religious matters. I have read much of what she has written and, whilst not always agreeing with her, have always enjoyed her passion and her dedication. She has recently posted that, along with her traditional Anglican community, she is to be received into the Roman Catholic Church on April 15th. I hope and pray that they soon may be a part of an Ordinariate parish in Canada and that God bless her in her journey ahead.
John Henry Newman used to protest that he no longer liked his hymn 'Lead, kindly light' as he had left the gloom and returned home to the Catholic Church. To Deborah I would say, through all your travails, you have not allowed the gloom to envelope you and and have kept your eye fixed on deciding what the Lord was calling you (hopefully with your community) to do. So, be assured, as you take that 'one step enough', one Catholic in the UK will have you in his prayers.

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