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The Communion of Saints
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

So, am I wrong about Archbishop Hepworth?

I have just been directed to a post by an Australian priest, Fr Fleming, who disagrees with a comment I made on the site of Fr Finnegan ( which was copied to the 'English Catholic' ( ) for comments.

Identifying me, incorrectly, as Paul Donovan, Fr Fleming insists I am wrong when it comes to Archbishop Hepworth (Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion) and that he has not refused to enter the Catholic Church as a layman, given the difficulties of his position as a former Roman Catholic Priest with an irregular marriage situation, but is continuing to consider his decision, commenting:

"Archbishop Hepworth has not rejected Rome’s judgement and nor has he refused to return to the Catholic Church. I do not know where Paul has got this from, but he is quite wrong."

My comment was based upon the remarks made by +Hepworth himself when he wrote that he intended to remain the Bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia (retaining oversight in Japan) and the Primate of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. I would assume that was a decision to not return to the Roman Catholic Church.

If I am incorrect, I apologise, but it is difficult to know what else can be meant by Archbishop Hepworth's own statements.

If I may say so, Fr Chadwick's added comment is unfair :

"We need a reaction against the prevailing wisdom that would have Archbishop Hepworth go down in history as a fraud, a madman or whatever. More reactions like that of Fr Fleming would be welcome, to show that some do care."

I have not claimed he is a fraud or a madman, I have simply expressed some upset based upon his own comments. I both care about his situation and pray for him.

Perhaps Fr Fleming could clear up the confusion for those of us who are suffering it?

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